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Ducati Streetfighter V4 S (2020) Demo on Track and Design Details

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S (2020) Demo on Track and Design Details

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The Panigale V4 stripped of the fairings, with a high and wide handlebar, 178 kg on the scale, powered by 1100 cc Desmosedici Stradale delivering 208 hp kept in hand by biplane wings and a complete electronic package, this is the “Fight Formula” that gives life to the Streetfighter V4. The result is a modern and technological naked bike with an aggressive and emotional design, which does nothing to hide its high performances.

The minimalist full-LED headlight captures the spirit of the Streetfighter V4 perfectly: recalling the front of the Panigale V4, it also evokes the grin of the Joker (the comic strip character from which the designer of the new naked drew inspiration). True Ducati design is also evident in the V-shaped DRL, already featured on the Panigale V4 and SuperSport.

On the Streetfighter, the Front Frame and Desmosedici Stradale engine take centre-stage. Only partially screened by superstructures that have been cut to a bare minimum, their sharp lines create a clean, essential whole. The low, lunging front end flows out from the tank, giving the Streetfighter the look of a predator coiled for the pounce.

In keeping with streetfighter culture, the clip-on handlebars have been replaced with a high, wide bar that, together with a moderated footpeg position, make the riding position sporty yet agile, perfect for ripping up the road.

Such powerful design demands a powerful engine, and the 1103 cm3 Desmosedici Stradale 208 hp fits the bill: for a naked, it packs an impressive punch, yet dedicated engine mapping lets the rider control the power with confidence. The engine — combined with a kerb weight of 178 kg (of the “S” version) — takes the power/weight ratio to 1.17. Performance can be further improved by mounting the full-racing Ducati Performance exhaust by Akrapovič, which boosts power to 220 hp and educes weight by 6 kg.

Feisty Streetfighter V4 performance is kept under control by sophisticated electronics lifted directly from the Panigale V4 and the ‘biplane’ wings developed by Ducati Corse aerodynamicists.

Brought forward to maximise their effect, the wings generate 28 kg of downforce at 270 kph, attenuating front wheel ‘floating’ at high speed and the tendency to wheel-up. They also boost stability during braking at the turn-in 👉10% discount for car fans with this code: HELLO2020

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